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Ancient Principles, Kingdom Authority with Curt Landry

Dec 24, 2021

Are you ready for 2022? Do you want to be transformed from a lamb to a lion in the year ahead?

A year ago, Rabbi Curt Landry had a prophetic vision. Thousands of lambs stood in front of Moses as he raised up his rod at Mount Sinai. Suddenly, the skin and fleece covering the sheep heads began to peel away, revealing a lion's face.

The lions that emerged from the sheep were young, healthy, and vibrant.

This vision is coming to pass. The Lord is telling the lambs to remove the fleece, remove the sheep clothing, and roar because He is turning the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the Fathers.

In this podcast, Rabbi Curt Landry recounts the prophetic vision and walks you through a word of knowledge: "This is your defining moment."

Defining moments will bring with them challenges, changes, and criticism. But you don’t have to avoid them, quit during them, or be riddled with insecurity and doubt. Know how to embrace a faith mindset and push through in 2022.

Receive favor, walk through opened doors, and be inspired by the Lord in the year ahead.