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Ancient Principles, Kingdom Authority with Curt Landry

Apr 28, 2023

Have old ways of thinking enslaved you? God wants to do something new in you. He wants you to trade the mixed messages of this world for the mind of Christ. It’s time to come out of Egyptian mindsets and walk in Kingdom authority.

When you were born again, you understood that Jesus paid the price for you to exercise...

Apr 21, 2023

Isaiah 43:26 tells us to put God into remembrance, to state our cases so that we may be acquitted. Many of us decree God’s Word, but do we ever put Him into remembrance of the 9 blessings of Passover after we’ve observed, decreed, and sowed?

This is why the blessings of Passover are so powerful. They give us God’s...

Apr 14, 2023

In this podcast, Rabbi Curt Landry discusses how the Lord laid on his heart the message he released at Passover. The message is a message of unity and wholeness.

Rabbi Curt Landry explains the prophetic significance and power of the number 3—2023 and the Hebrew year 5783—tying it to the wholeness God is releasing,...

Apr 7, 2023

Are you familiar with the 3 seasons of Moses’ rod? This year’s Passover, 2023, you will discover the 3 seasons of Moses’ staff, or rod…

·         Bondage

·         Herdsman/shepherd

·         Authority

Passover, an appointed time on God’s calendar, is about leaving Egypt and coming out of...