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Ancient Principles, Kingdom Authority with Curt Landry

Apr 8, 2022

The transfer of wealth is understanding, expecting, and receiving God’s best for your life. It is about a transfer of physical, emotional, and spiritual health, receiving vision and purpose, and believing John 10:10, that Jesus came to give you ABUNDANT life. It is the opposite of lack. The Cyrus anointing understands the transfer of wealth and operates in this mindset.

Contrary to popular belief, Kingdom wealth is more than the balance in a Believer’s bank account. It is about richness of faith. It is about…

  • Resting in God’s promises
  • Trusting His sovereign rule
  • Choosing contentment in areas that have yet to be restored
  • Being patient to walk in the obedience of God’s perfect timing

Oftentimes, financial or health-related struggles reflect a deeper heart issue that is robbing you of Yeshua’s promises. This is when it is time to go into the Courts of Heaven in prayer and declare the covenant you are in with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  

In this podcast, Rabbi Curt Landry explains how to discover what hinders you from believing Jesus’s words of abundance and stepping into a great anointing.

Get practical steps and resources that help you better understand the transfer of wealth and its connection to the Cyrus anointing…