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Ancient Principles, Kingdom Authority with Curt Landry

May 6, 2022

Waiting on the Lord reveals hidden things. This act of faith activates His promises of…

  • Beauty
  • Grace
  • Protection
  • Restoration
  • Glory

But how do we wait when, in our flesh, we are impatient? Waiting can feel like the atmosphere all around us is full of tension, as if there is a build-up of spiritual activity surrounding us as we expectantly wait for a release of promises.

First, understand that waiting on the Lord has a purpose. Isaiah 48 says that God causes us to hear, see, and know new things as we wait upon him. 

“You have heard; see all this. And will you not declare it? I have made you hear new things from this time, even hidden things, and you did not know them. They are created now and not from the beginning; and before this day you have not heard them, lest you should say, ‘Of course I knew them.’ Surely you did not hear, surely you did not know; surely from long ago your ear was not opened. For I knew that you would deal very treacherously, and were called a transgressor from the womb.”Isaiah 48:6-8 (emphasis added)

If we don’t wait but run ahead of the Lord with false information, we are essentially coming into agreement with a lie and are subject to pride. The Lord wants us to break the agreement with the lie and remove pride to impart the truth, so His glory can come.

In this podcast, Rabbi Curt Landry releases words of knowledge about how to wait and the benefits of waiting upon the Lord in this season.

God shapes your character in the waiting so you can hold tight to His promises rather than pride.